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Step #2: Select an Exam Event or Testing Center

Important--Read First

You can't register for an exam until you have a BSDCG ID. If you need a BSDCG ID, use the "Step #1: Get a BSDCG ID" tab to request one.

At this time, exams are only available in English.

Paper based exams are available at the following exam events and cost $75 USD. If you live in Brazil, you can contact FreeBSD Brasil to schedule a time and location to take a paper based exam. Once a date is agreed upon, select "FreeBSD Brasil: Phone to Schedule Date and Time (Brazil & Latin America only)" from the list below.

Computer based exams cost $150 USD and are available through a network of testing centers. If you wish to take a computer based exam at a testing center, first check to see if there is a location near you. If you find a convenient location, select "IQT Testing Center: once you pay, an email will be sent with a link to book your test" from the list below.

NOTE: If you do not show up for your examination, you forfeit your registration fee which is then considered to be a donation to the BSD Certification Group. For this reason, please don't register for an exam until you have confirmed your travel plans and availability. If you experience any problems registering for an exam or if you need to reschedule a paper-based exam, Contact us as soon as possible. If you need to reschedule a computer based exam, it is very important that you follow the instructions in the email you receive from the testing center to avoid forfeiting your examination fee and paying an additional rescheduling fee.

Select an Exam Location and Time  


Once you submit this form, click on the "Step #3: Pay for an Exam" tab. to pay for your exam. At this time, payment can be made through a Paypal account or credit card.

Note: your registration is not complete and your exam seat is not reserved until your exam payment has been processed.


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